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Antalya Submarine Tour

Antalya submarine tour is capable of giving you matchless minutes under the water, inside of a real submarine boat.

If you consider yourself as a nature lover with an adventurous soul, this tour will please you in every way; since you will be able to explore the hidden beauties of Mediterranean Sea in the most exciting way.

The best part about the Antalya submarine excursion is that you will have a couple minutes beneath the surface; therefore, you will be able to see amazing sea creatures as much as you want. To learn how to experience these wonderful moments in details, you can keep reading for further information about the steps of the tour.

Submarine Boat Tours from Antalya

Before getting into the details, you may want to note this part for having the best experience of Antalya submarine tour.

Firstly, this activity is not available for pregnant women and ones who have health issues. Secondly, if you have children with you, you can still be with them in the boat unless they are shorter than 90 cm (2 feet 11 inches). And lastly, to be able to immortalize unique scenes that you will see, you should get your camera ready!

To have a nice start on the submarine tour, we will pick you up from your hotel by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle at the pre-scheduled hour, and we will drive until we get to the harbor.

During the ride, get relaxed and prepare yourself to the wonders of underwater.

Before the Tour

When you get to the port, you will go to the office of the company to meet the professional instructors who will provide you important information about diving and safety procedures.

Also, they will teach you the basics of the sign language in order to communicate, and how to use the equipment.

Then, you will meet NEMO Submarine Boat for the first time, which hosts this event and incredible atmosphere. Firstly, you need to know that it is designed to make you feel comfortable and satisfied, that is why it is a production of high-technology.

As the design, the distance from the floor to the ceiling is high enough to make you move freely. Also, inside of the boat, there are some windows to let you observe the depths of Mediterranean Sea.

Moreover, NEMO has a cafeteria inside of it; therefore, you will be able to drink or eat something during the journey. To make you feel more comfortable, by the way, the pressure is set by the related equipment.

The Dive

The most exciting part of Antalya Submarine tour starts when you sail to a diving point where is close to “Sıçan Adası” (also, known as the Mice Island).

After the repeat of the safety instructions, you will dive into the shades of blue of Mediterranean Sea to observe its wealth.

During approximately 40 minutes, you will enjoy its tranquility; and the variety of colorful fishes.

As you can imagine even now, this activity will give you the peace that you seek for.

After these impressive minutes under the water, you will go back to the port. In there, our vehicle will be waiting for picking you up and taking you to your hotel back.

When we drop you, though, our Antalya Submarine excursion will be over; yet, for sure, we can meet again in other tours and places in Antalya.


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