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Pirate Boat Excursion in Side-Manavgat

For those seeking exciting activities in Side, an ideal choice is to embark on a Pirate Boat Trip in Side-Manavgat. This adventure guarantees an unforgettable experience that will leave lasting memories for you and your family. In addition to the breathtaking natural scenery, you can partake in a variety of pirate-themed games that will bring joy and entertainment to everyone. Get ready for a delightful time! To discover more about the trip’s highlights, continue reading.

Embark on an extraordinary Pirate Boat Trip in Side-Manavgat, where our 5-star service will ensure an exceptional experience.

To kickstart the 5-star Side-Manavgat Pirate Boat Trip, we will provide morning transportation using our brand-new, fully-equipped vehicle. Upon arrival at the harbor, you’ll step aboard our magnificent boat, and the journey will commence. Brace yourself and your children for excitement as the “pirate” crew members introduce themselves and the real fun begins. The crew will provide pirate bandanas and even offer face-painting for the kids, while also teaching them the unique language of pirates, as the boat sails merrily along the Manavgat River.

Pleasurable Break – Leisure Time

Once the boat arrives at Sorgun, you will have the opportunity to indulge in a refreshing swim or engage in various activities. Subsequently, the boat will set sail towards the mouth of the Manavgat River, where it will drop anchor and allow for a leisurely break to enjoy a delectable lunch. During this extended pause, guests can take a dip in the water to cool off, while the crew entertains the children with games and races. A thrilling treasure hunt game will also be organized for the kids, challenging them to locate a hidden treasure chest along the shore by following clues. The fortunate child who discovers the chest will be pleasantly surprised!

Delight in a Foam Party on the Return Journey

As the excursion nears its conclusion, an energetic foam party will take place on the boat while it heads back to the harbor, offering a lively and enjoyable experience for individuals of all ages. Guests can dance and revel in the music while bouncing around in the foamy fun.

The trip is designed to be family-friendly and safe.

Upon reaching the harbor in the evening, our drivers will be ready to transport you back to your hotel in a comfortable and convenient vehicle, marking the conclusion of the Side Manavgat Pirate Boat Trip.

(Note: The exact route of the tour may be subject to change on the day of the excursion.)


  • Free Hotel Service
  • Guide service
  • Lunch
  • Pirate Bandana
  • Face Painting
  • Foam Party
  • Any personal expenses, DVD, drinks

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