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Experience Joy and Fun at Alanya Dolphin Park

Embark on an unforgettable journey of joy, cheer, and fun as you visit Alanya Dolphin Park. Get ready to be amazed by the intelligence and cuteness of the smartest creatures of the water: dolphins. With their smiling faces and graceful movements, these lovable animals are sure to bring you an incredible amount of happiness.

An Exciting Dolphin Show for All Ages

The dolphins at Alanya Dolphin Park have prepared a mesmerizing show that will captivate everyone from 7 to 70 years old. It’s an experience that promises equal excitement for all. And after the show, you’ll have the opportunity to take a photo with these fascinating creatures, creating lasting memories.

Convenient and Inclusive Excursion

The excursion to Alanya Dolphin Park includes hotel transfers and an entrance ticket to the show at the dolphinarium. With everything taken care of, you can simply relax and enjoy the experience. Who could resist such an offer?

Sealanya Dolphinpark: Where Fun and Joy Meet

The show takes place at Alanya Dolphin Park, a part of Sealanya Sea Park. This entertainment complex is not only the largest interactive aquarium and marine life zoo in Turkey but also covers an impressive area of 5,000 hectares. Explore the vastness and diversity of marine life, including a wide range of fish, sharks, rays, and more. However, the highlight of the park is the large, specially designed pool where the dolphins perform.

Let the Dolphin Show Begin

Prepare to be amazed as the loveliest sea creatures perform an enchanting dolphin show for approximately 50 minutes. With the guidance of their professional instructors, these intelligent beings showcase their talents in dancing, jumping, and playing with hoops or balls. Witness their obedience, kindness, and intelligence firsthand as they win over your heart.

Take a Memorable Photo with Dolphins

After the show, if you desire, you can have your photo taken with the dolphins for a fee. This way, you can cherish the memory of this extraordinary experience for years to come.

Applaud and Show Your Love

At the end of the show, the dolphins will demonstrate their appreciation by applauding with their fins. Join in the applause to show your love and gratitude for these amazing creatures. Their laughter, which you may be lucky enough to hear, is a testament to their enjoyment of the audience’s attention and affection.

Join Us for a Day of Cheer and Delight at Alanya Dolphin Park

Interacting with animals has a profound positive effect on human health and well-being. By visiting Alanya Dolphin Park, you’ll experience an abundance of positive emotions and uplifted spirits. This cheerful event is perfect for the whole family, especially children. Whether you’re alone or with your loved ones, we invite you to join us. You won’t regret it!

To partake in this delightful activity at Alanya Dolphin Park, you can easily book your tickets online or contact us for more information.


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