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Alanya Manavgat Boat Excursion

Experience the enchanting Alanya Manavgat Boat Trip, a 5-star excursion that immerses you in the breathtaking beauty of nature. Prepare to indulge your senses as you immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of blue and green that surround you.

During this memorable trip, you will have the opportunity to rejuvenate both your body and mind. Whether you choose to relax on the deck or explore the picturesque landscapes on land, the experience promises to be truly revitalizing.

Sail through pristine waters and embark on delightful hiking trails, allowing yourself to connect with nature in its purest form. Take deep breaths of the fresh air, a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey as we reveal the exciting stops along the way, ensuring that your anticipation grows with each passing moment.

Manavgat River: Discover the Enchanting Beauty

Experience the wonders of the Manavgat River during our captivating Alanya Manavgat Boat Trip. Known for being one of Turkey’s longest rivers, it has garnered a well-deserved reputation for its majestic allure.

As the river winds its way through a picturesque landscape, it unveils a natural path that delights the eyes of visiting tourists. Stretching alongside towering mountains, lush jungles, and breathtaking scenery, it creates an idyllic setting. The rich ecosystem nurtured by its waters has given rise to a unique flora and fauna.

To provide you with deeper insight into this remarkable natural reservoir, we will take a leisurely walk through the Manavgat National Park. Here, you will encounter fascinating plant species, as well as turtles and other wildlife.

Witness the Iconic Postcard-Worthy Landmark

A highlight of the park and the region is undoubtedly the magnificent Manavgat Waterfall, which we will also visit during our excursion. This enchanting waterfall not only serves as a tranquil resting point for us but is also an iconic image often found on postcards in Turkish souvenir shops. Its allure is undeniable.

Though it stands at a modest height of 2 meters, its impressive width spans approximately 40 meters. Cascading streams of water glisten in shades of blue and green, reflecting the lush greenery that surrounds it. Despite being a man-made dam, it still retains its spectacular appeal.

Observation platforms on both sides of the waterfall offer the perfect vantage point to admire the mesmerizing view and capture beautiful memories.

A Visit to a Sacred Site

Upon our arrival in Manavgat City, we will explore an ancient mosque that serves as a symbol of the city. With its four minarets, each measuring 60 meters in height, it proudly reaches towards the sky, gracefully welcoming curious visitors.

Adjacent to the mosque, a designated area for ablution before prayer adds to its beauty. The peaceful ambiance and stunning architecture create an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility.

Sailing to the Meeting Point of River and Sea

Once our mosque visit concludes, we will board our boat and embark on a serene journey along the Manavgat River. Drifting along with the mountain currents, we will be immersed in a state of ultimate peace. The pristine waters of the river harbor a diverse array of fish, including trout, carp, mullet, and seabass.

During our excursion, we will make a stop at one of the trout farms located along the riverbank. Here comes the highlight: Our boat trip culminates at the point where the river merges with the Mediterranean Sea.

During our break here, you can lounge on the sandy beach and take a refreshing swim in the mixture of saltwater and freshwater. Our attentive crew will prepare a delectable grilled lunch for your enjoyment.

Explore Manavgat & the Grand Bazaar

As our Alanya Manavgat Boat Trip draws to a close, we will return to the city center of Manavgat. You will be granted some free time to explore as you please. We highly recommend a visit to the bustling Grand Bazaar, a treasure trove of souvenirs, sweets, gold, and antiques. The shopping experience here is truly delightful.

In summary, our 5-star daily Manavgat boat trip offers the perfect opportunity to unwind and revel in the awe-inspiring views and tranquil ambiance of pristine nature. Whether swimming, strolling, or simply taking in the beauty around you, the day will be filled with shades of blue and green.

(PS: Please note that the route may be subject to change on the day of the tour.)


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