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Captivating Alanya Sunset Boat Trip

Alanya Sunset Boat Trip combines the pleasure of sailing with the enchantment of breathtaking views, ensuring a truly perfect evening. Unlike regular daytime boat trips, you won’t have to endure scorching temperatures, yet you’ll still have the opportunity to swim and enjoy the ambiance on deck.

Prepare yourself for a delightful experience where you can swim in the radiant glow of the setting sun, indulge in a delicious onboard dinner, and witness the beauty of Alanya’s renowned caves and grottoes from the water. As you make your way back, you’ll be treated to a captivating sight of the city and its famous fortress illuminated under a canopy of twinkling stars on a dark night.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this exceptional journey, where you can relax, soak in the stunning surroundings, and create cherished memories. Join us on this lovely trip and let us show you the true essence of an unforgettable Alanya sunset.

Unforgettable Program of Alanya Sunset Boat Trip

Experience an unforgettable journey with our 5-star Alanya Sunset Boat Trip, filled with breathtaking sights and delightful activities. Let’s explore the highlights of this amazing program:

Sightseeing Along Alanya Coasts:

Embark on a sightseeing adventure along the Alanya coasts, where you’ll be treated to stunning views of the majestic fortress and the iconic Red Tower from a unique perspective. Discover the ancient shipyard, a remarkable structure dating back to the 13th century.

Enchanting Caves and Mystical Places:

Indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of the Phosphoric, Pirates, Clay, and Lovers’ caves. These captivating caves can only be admired from the sea, providing a perfect opportunity to capture beautiful photos and immerse yourself in their mystical ambiance. Keep an eye out for the thrilling sight of couples jumping together from a 10-meter rock block above the Lovers’ Cave, a testament to their love and a fun tradition.

Famous Beaches of Alanya:

Cruise past the renowned beaches of Alanya, including Ulas, Pasa, and Cleopatra Beach. Marvel at their scenic splendor as they stretch along the coast, inviting visitors to indulge in the gentle waves and bask in the sun. These beaches offer the perfect setting for enjoyable swimming and sunbathing sessions.

Endless Fun on Deck:

In addition to the breathtaking views, our boat trip offers exciting games and entertainment for the whole family. While you relax and unwind, your children can have a blast playing with our lively animators. Enjoy the pleasant beats of music and find the serenity you’ve been seeking. Later, the atmosphere will transform into an energetic and fun-filled foam party and dancing session.

Delightful Dinner Experience:

Recharge your energy with a delightful dinner that will satisfy your appetite. Indulge in the globally renowned Turkish cuisine and discover the delicious flavors that make it so famous. It’s the perfect way to culminate your vacation in Alanya.

Join us for an extraordinary day aboard our Alanya Sunset Boat Trip and witness the magical sight of the orange sky as the sun sets. Book your excursion online or contact us for further information. (Please note that the route may be subject to change on the day of the tour.)


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