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Antalya Buggy Safari

Simply, Antalya buggy safari equals to the mixture of adrenaline, fun and the amazing nature of Antalya; thus, who can say “no” to that?

Especially if you would like to get covered with mud while enjoying this trio, you will surely experience one of the best activities in your life.

The event is amazing itself, and it becomes perfect when it meets the striking views of Antalya. During the whole program which will last for 1,5 hours, you will be able to take photos that are guaranteed by many likes.

On your own, or with a member of your family and a friend, you can enjoy one of the most exciting events of Antalya.

If you cannot wait for learning the detailed information, you can keep reading the further paragraphs which will completely enlighten and convince you about the whole program.


An Adventurous Day with Buggy Safari in Antalya

You will not directly find yourself in the tour, since there is an important preparation session before the buggy safari.

Firstly, before coming to the related field where you will start your journey, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and we highly recommend you to wear the most “expendable” ones, because there will be a lot of mud both on the landscape and you.

Secondly, you also should wear a hat and sun glasses during Antalya buggy safari to get protected from the harmful sun rays; and also, a thing that you can use as a mask to cover your mouth, which will protect you from the dust of the path.

And lastly, if you do not get your camera or phone ready, you will regret later; thus, do not forget to charge them before leaving the hotel.

When you complete these basic steps, we will come to your hotel (if you stay in Antalya), pick you up, and bring you to the start point which locates in Taurus Mountains.


Before the Safari Tour

After dropping you to the exact field, it is the time to meet the instructor and your regularly-maintained, powerful-engine companion along 1,5 hours.

There, you will get informed by the instructor about how to use the buggy and about the track. As an important note here, you do not need a driver license to ride it.

If you are over 17 years old, you are all free. If you are not, you can sit the passenger seat and still enjoy the path.


During Antalya Buggy Safari

It is time to show how much you learn in the training part: Therefore, welcome to the valleys, rivers, forests and roads of Taurus Mountains!

For 1,5 hours, you will ride your buggy through them all. You and your companion will get in the mud a lot, as a proof of your intense fun. During this journey, do not forget to immortalize these moments with your camera.

When you give the buggy back to the related staff, we will get ready to go. With our fully-equipped and comfortable car, you will be brought to your hotel, and able to get some rest.

If you are interested in Antalya buggy excursion, you can book it online and join us whenever you want. To get more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can visit our website for more activities in Antalya.


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