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Belek Diving Tour: Explore the Enchanting Underwater World

Embarking on a diving tour is undeniably one of the most extraordinary experiences you can have in Turkey. Our Belek Diving Tour offers you an incredible adventure beneath the waves, ensuring that the hours you spend underwater will be truly unforgettable. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a complete novice, diving in Belek will gift you with golden memories, amazing sensations, and breathtaking scenery. Every second of this journey will be filled with wonder and delight.

Discover the Treasures of the Mediterranean Sea

If you haven’t already realized, the Mediterranean Sea is renowned as one of the world’s finest diving destinations. Its warm and gentle currents create an ideal environment for diving, teeming with diverse marine life and vibrant flora. As a fortunate visitor, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this captivating underwater realm and embrace its wonders.

Suitable for All Diving Enthusiasts

As mentioned earlier, our Belek Diving Tour caters to individuals of all backgrounds who are in good health and can comply with the necessary safety procedures outlined by our professionals. In other words, you don’t need any specific license or prior experience to participate. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the equipment, which is included in the tour price, we will sail to a nearby diving site. Rest assured, our experienced instructors will be by your side throughout the entire journey.

For those with diving experience and certification, such as PADI, CMAS, or DAN, we offer more challenging dives led by our experienced divers. Regardless of your expertise level, our dive center is fully equipped to accommodate divers of all skill levels. If this is your first dive, we will provide you with the necessary training and guidance to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience within a designated area. If you’re an experienced diver seeking thrilling adventures, we will take you to explore the depths where magnificent sights await.

Equipment and Training

Our diving center is well-equipped to cater to divers at every level. If it’s your first time diving, we will provide comprehensive training on the basics before you venture into the water. For experienced divers, we’ll guide you to more exhilarating spots that are worth discovering. Should you consider yourself a professional diver, we offer opportunities to explore local caves, underwater canyons, and encounter incredible marine creatures. Our team of expert divers will accompany you, showcasing awe-inspiring sights and ensuring your diving experience concludes with unforgettable memories. With our qualified equipment and certified instructors, your safety is our top priority, regardless of your skill level. So, cast aside any anxiety and get ready to immerse yourself freely in the blue sea.

A Delightful Route for the Best Diving Experience in Belek

Our Belek Diving Tour stands out for its rich content, guaranteeing an experience you’ll never regret. We’ll begin the day by picking you up from your hotel and taking you to the port of Kemer. You’ll be delighted by our well-designed boat, which not only pleases the eye but also provides a sense of security. Setting sail along the coast, we’ll reach our diving spots in less than 40 minutes, as they are conveniently located close to each other.

Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable diving sites we’ll visit, boasting a wide array of fish species, reefs, underwater caves, and rocky formations. The entire area is renowned for its vibrant marine life, with even a typical dive granting you the opportunity to encounter hundreds of colorful tropical fish. Sea turtles, rays, and even dolphins call this area home. Furthermore, the waters are abundant with unique corals and various marine plants. We strongly advise you to keep your eyes wide open and have your camera ready, as there will be countless mesmerizing sights to capture.

In summary, diving in Belek with us will transport you to a magical underwater world, providing excellent value for your money. If you’re in agreement, you can easily book this trip online or contact us for further information.


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  • DVD And Photos
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