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Belek Fire of Anatolia Troy Show

Prepare to be mesmerized by our captivating evening program, the Belek Fire of Anatolia Troy Show, featuring an exceptional dance performance that surpasses perfection in every aspect.

Presented by the renowned global dance troupe, Fire of Anatolia, this show transcends excellence with its choreography, costumes, stage design, and overall ambiance. When you witness the spectacle firsthand, you will understand why it is considered the best show in Turkey.

Before delving into the program’s details, allow us to provide some fascinating insights about Fire of Anatolia and share intriguing facts about this extraordinary group. Comprised of 65 highly skilled professional dancers, they represent just a fraction of the remarkable team behind the scenes. Each dancer undergoes extensive training and education, meticulously selected by a special jury. The group is based in Antalya, with the iconic Aspendos Theatre being their most renowned stage—where our captivating show will take place.

The Troy-themed performance is divided into 13 captivating scenes, reminiscent of a grand theatrical production. Prepare to be enthralled by each scene as they unfold before your eyes.

Commencement of Belek Fire of Anatolia Troy Show

Our tour begins with a perfect start as we pick you up from your Belek hotel in a modern, comfortable, and fully equipped vehicle at the designated time. We will then embark on a scenic journey to Aspendos in Antalya, where the extraordinary show awaits. Once seated and the dancers take their positions, the awe-inspiring spectacle will commence.

The Legend of Troy Unveiled on Stage

You will be treated to an extraordinary dance performance that brings to life the epic tale of Troy, as immortalized by the legendary ancient Greek poet, Homer. Through their graceful movements, exquisite costumes, impeccable makeup, and captivating stage decor, the dancers will artfully narrate the captivating story. Witness the seamless harmony between the performers and their environment—so profound that even the Trojan Horse itself will grace the stage. We encourage you to relax, immerse yourself in every second of the show, and capture breathtaking photographs to cherish the memories.

Conclusion of Belek Fire of Anatolia Troy Show

As the Belek Fire of Anatolia Troy Show reaches its grand finale, we will transport you back to your Belek hotel from Aspendos, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. If the contents of this program have piqued your interest, we invite you to contact us and secure your booking.


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