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Belek Turkish Bath

Indulge in the rejuvenating experience of our remarkable Belek Turkish Bath program, where you can cleanse both your body and soul. This cultural and traditional excursion offers deep cleaning, exfoliation of dead skin cells, and a profound sense of relaxation and lightness. Prepare to feel like a brand-new person with revitalized cells and improved blood circulation, ultimately promoting your overall health and well-being.

Commencing the Belek Turkish Bath Program

To begin our Belek Turkish Bath program, we will arrange a pick-up from your Belek hotel at the designated time. We will then embark on a short and comfortable journey to the 5-star Hammam facility, where a professional team awaits to warmly welcome you and guide you to the entrance. Follow their instructions and prepare for the first part of the experience.


To prepare your body, you will spend some time in a hot-air room resembling a sauna. Relax and sit in this space, allowing your body to soften and your skin’s pores to open. This session is crucial to maximize the effectiveness of the subsequent treatments. Once the time is up, you will leave the sauna and enter a marble room.

Foam Massage & “Kese”

In the marble room, you will lie down on a heated marble rock block, facing downwards. A skilled staff member will then perform a foam massage using a mitten, known as “kese.” This traditional practice helps eliminate dead skin layers and enhances blood circulation, leaving your skin more elastic and radiant. Under the soothing foam, you will feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Oil Massage

Prepare for the highlight of the experience: the oil massage. After your body is thoroughly cleansed, it’s time to revel in pure relaxation. Professional staff members will pamper you with a superb massage, utilizing natural oils and specialized techniques to provide an ultimate sense of tranquility. Lie back, unwind, and savor this delightful treat for your body and mind.

Conclusion of the Hammam Session

As each part of the Belek Turkish Bath session concludes, you will dress and prepare to depart from the facility. We will then transport you back to your hotel, marking the end of this blissful journey. If you find this enticing, please feel free to contact us and secure your booking for this exquisite program.


  • Visit to the salt room
  • Visit to the sauna and steam room
  • Peeling with Kese (specially gloves)
  • Full body foam massage
  • Full body oil massage (30 min)
  • Transfer from / to the hotel
  • Personal expenses
  • All beverages
  • Additional services

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