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Cable Car Trip to Tahtali Mountain

y participating in our Cable Car Trip to Tahtali Mountain program, you’ll have the opportunity to reach the highest points in Kemer, where you can capture breathtaking landscape photos from incredible angles. This trip is a unique and enjoyable experience as you’ll be transported to the peak of Tahtali Mountain in a spacious cable car cabin with large windows, accommodating up to 80 people.

If you don’t suffer from acrophobia, we invite you to join us for a delightful airborne journey!

Let’s talk about the height we’re dealing with here. Tahtali Mountain, also known as Olympos Mountain, is situated near Kemer, and its highest peak reaches 2365 meters. It takes only 10 minutes to reach this height via the cable car, which is worth mentioning as the world’s longest cable car line!

In summary, get ready to embrace a panoramic view, breathe in fresh air, witness captivating scenery, and experience a touch of excitement along the way!

The thrilling journey begins with our fully-equipped vehicle picking you up from your hotel, and we embark on a road trip to the starting point of the adventure. At the lower cable car station, situated approximately 726 meters above sea level, we board the cabin. Once everyone is ready, the journey commences!

You’ll ascend smoothly and feel the sensation of flying. Due to the high-quality equipment and well-maintained system used in the construction of the cable car, you’ll experience minimal swings and hops. Hence, there’s no need to worry. Simply relax, observe the scenery, and immerse yourself in nature!

Throughout the ascent, you’ll be accompanied by picturesque valleys adorned with lush jungles, glistening waters of the Mediterranean Sea, winding bays, and charming settlements.

Upon reaching the peak, take a deep breath of the fresh air and begin capturing incredible views through your lens! These might just become the best selfies and landscape photos you’ve ever taken!

Returning to the Station

After the break at the peak concludes and our Cable Car Trip to Tahtali Mountain program comes to an end, we will return to the lower station, completing the 10-minute journey in the air. Once again, our vehicles will be ready to pick you up and safely transport you back to your hotel.

Bonus Note: Things to Do At the Peak of Tahtali Mountain

Although the duration of our Cable Car Trip to Tahtali Mountain is not too long, we’d like to share some suggestions on how to make the most of your time at the peak. These ideas will help you plan your activities and ensure you have a fun-filled experience for future visits as well!

Here are some options for you to consider:

  • You can sign up for special sessions of the cable car trip during sunset and dawn, allowing you to witness the magical colors of the sky at these remarkable times.
  • For thrill-seekers, paragliding is an exciting extreme sport that you can try during your visit to the peak.
  • If you prefer more tranquil activities, taking a leisurely walk in nature or going for a bicycle ride can be a wonderful way to explore the surroundings.
  • During the winter season, you have the opportunity to bring your equipment and indulge in skiing on the hillsides, enjoying the snowy slopes.

If you’re interested in our program, you can easily book it online or contact us for further information.


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