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Full Day 4 in 1 Adventure: Eagle Canyon + Rafting + Quad + Zipline

If you’re seeking a break from the ordinary and crave an action-packed excursion, the Eagle Canyon + Rafting + Quad/ATV + Zipline tour offers an incredibly thrilling day filled with adventure on a mountain river and in the Koprulu Canyon. This tour encompasses three exciting activities: rafting on the Köprü-chai river, a hiking tour through the gorge, and a bungee flight in the canyon.

A Perfect Combination of Thrills

Embark on an unforgettable journey that includes rafting on the Koprucay River, an exhilarating ATV/Quad Safari, an exploration of the Eagle Canyon, and a thrilling Zipline experience. With this variety of activities, boredom is simply out of the question. This tour is available from Antalya, Side, Belek, Kemer, and Alanya, ensuring accessibility for all adventure enthusiasts.

Prepare for the Adventure

In the morning, at the scheduled time, you’ll be picked up from your hotel and taken to the adventure center near the city of Manavgat. Here, you’ll receive a detailed briefing and be provided with essential information about safety regulations. For your protection, helmets and life jackets will be provided. We take your safety and comfort seriously, so we kindly ask you to adhere to all security measures. Once all preparations are complete, your group will be divided into teams, and the rafting adventure will commence.

Rafting on a Mountain River

The first part of the journey involves rafting on the Kopru-chai river. During this stage, you’ll become acquainted with the water and familiarize yourself with the controls. Professional guides and instructors will accompany you throughout the route, offering assistance, guidance, and ensuring your safety. Rafting is an exhilarating activity that requires a certain level of agility and strength. We recommend watching online videos about rafting to get a sense of what to expect and assess your own capabilities. After the initial stage of the route, we’ll make a stop at a scenic riverside spot for swimming. This will be an opportunity to take a break, share your impressions with your loved ones, and even try bungee jumping from a bridge into the river.

Hiking through Köprülü Canyon

The second part of the rafting adventure awaits, where any initial fears will fade away, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the excitement of rafting. This particular excursion has gained popularity among our tourists due to its unique and intense nature. Following the second phase of rafting, the entire group will embark on a hike through the depths of the Köprülü canyon. This journey combines beauty, activity, and enjoyment. In the deeper sections of the gorge, you’ll have the opportunity to swim. The natural splendor and grandeur of the canyon leave a lasting impression on all visitors. Towards the end of the hike, we’ll explore the ruins of an ancient city and an ancient bridge, followed by a well-deserved rest and lunch at a panoramic restaurant. 

Bungee Flight

After replenishing our energy, we’ll proceed to the third and final stage of the rafting adventure. It’s worth mentioning that if your children are active and sporty, they can join you on this excursion. The health and fitness recommendations apply to adults as well. Once we’ve completed the river rafting, we’ll move on to the last segment of our itinerary—the thrilling Zipline flight over a 100-meter-long canyon.

Eagle Canyon + Rafting + Quad + Zipline is an incredible adventure that will leave a lasting imprint on your memory. Prepare for an adrenaline rush and a feeling of freedom that will stay with you long after the journey concludes.


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