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Kemer Diving Tour

The Kemer Diving Tour is a highly sought-after activity for adrenaline-loving tourists who want to explore the hidden beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. If you’re someone who enjoys thrilling programs and plan to visit Kemer, particularly between May and September—the optimal period for scuba diving—then you should definitely join us as our guest.

Let us be the gateway that opens up the mysterious blue waters for you!

Why Dive?

Here’s why you should consider diving with us:

  • Upon completing the initial training, you will receive an international diving certificate.
  • Diving in Kemer is an excellent choice due to the favorable location and ease of diving. We will visit diving spots that offer ideal conditions for beginners, including clear and warm waters, sandy bottoms, and gentle currents.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to observe a diverse array of flora and fauna in the underwater world, which is enriched with sunken ships and other historical sites.

Let’s Get Started

Once you’ve booked the Kemer Diving Tour on your preferred day, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and take you to the diving center. There, professional instructors/divers will teach you the basics of diving, including equipment usage and underwater communication. After completing the tutorial, you’ll proceed to the practical part of the training.

All guests will be divided into training groups, and as an inexperienced diver, you’ll have the chance to dive into clean waters with depths ranging from 3-6 meters, alongside other novice divers.

Diving in Aquarium Bay—For Inexperienced Divers

Aquarium Bay, situated between Kiris and Kemer, is a perfect diving spot for beginners due to its absence of currents, winds, and turbidity. Under the guidance of your professional guide/instructor, you can fully enjoy the Kemer Diving program in a safe manner. During the dive, you’ll have the opportunity to observe various species of fish and marine animals, including rays, squid, and sea urchins. Embrace the tranquility beneath the surface and capture as many photos as possible!

Kabardzhik Bay—For Experienced Divers

If you’re an experienced diver, you can opt for this program, which offers depths of up to 18 meters. We’ll visit a special diving spot called Kabardzhik Bay, characterized by two caves partially filled with water. This diving location is rich in a wide variety of sea creatures, such as barracudas, moray eels, stonefish, and more. However, rest assured that there are no sharks or other dangerous species in the area.

Lighthouse Bay

In Lighthouse Bay, once you descend to a depth of 10 meters, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a small hole that leads to a tunnel within the rocks. Inside, you can observe and photograph local inhabitants such as sea anemones, worms, sea scorpions (eurypterids), and sea hares. By diving multiple times to fully explore the area, you’ll create unforgettable memories.

Diving in Kemer for Professionals

Now, let’s entice professional divers by offering them the chance to explore well-preserved parts of a sunken ship from World War I, located at depths of 20-30 meters in the Mediterranean. By signing up for this diving program, you can observe the ship’s decks, superstructures, and capture remarkable photographs. However, it’s crucial to be an experienced diver to avoid any injuries or accidents.

Things to Consider Before Booking the Diving Program

Your well-being is our priority, so we’d like to inform you of a few considerations before you book the program. Please refrain from joining us if you have:

  • Hearing problems
  • Asthma
  • Hernia

Additionally, children under the age of 18, pregnant women, and individuals who have undergone surgery within the last 6 months should not participate in diving.

A Day of Fun and Tranquility

Our Kemer Diving Tour, considered the best scuba diving program in Kemer, guarantees a perfect day where you can explore the abundant flora and fauna, encounter sunken historical ships, or simply revel in the awe-inspiring atmosphere. Regardless of your diving talents or experience, you can join us and make your day unforgettable. To do so, book this tour online or contact us for further information!


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