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Kemer Dolphinarium

Kemer Dolphinarium is home to some of the world’s most intelligent and adorable creatures, the playful and charming darlings of the deep waters: dolphins. Through our program, you’ll have the opportunity to witness their talent and endearing nature firsthand!

Prepare yourself to be filled with excitement!

A Haven for Happy Dolphins

After being picked up by our modern and well-equipped vehicle, we’ll arrive at a special facility where large pools, delightful dolphins, their skilled trainers, and numerous surprises await you!

Located within the confines of “Moonlight Park,” the Dolphinarium in Kemer features dedicated sections designed to protect dolphins from any potential harm. Instead, they are nurtured and trained with care, following a specialized diet to ensure their well-being.

The dolphins are kept in utmost comfort, with regulated water temperature and the necessary concentration of salts and minerals in the pools.

In essence, the dolphins are content and joyful in their environment, and you’ll have the privilege of seeing their smiling faces.

A Spectacular Dolphin Show

Prepare for an incredible show where these lovable creatures will showcase their remarkable abilities. The pool is enclosed by transparent walls, allowing you to enjoy the entire spectacle, both above and below the water’s surface. With a depth of 6 meters, the pool provides dolphins with complete freedom of movement.

Don’t Forget the Seals

In addition to dolphins, seals will also dazzle you with their performances in the expansive pools. They are highly artistic animals as well. Watch in awe as they throw a ball into a basket and earn the applause they deserve. They are also talented artists, constantly honing their drawing skills. It’s truly amazing, isn’t it?

Moreover, you can purchase interesting souvenirs from the dedicated section, allowing you to choose the ones that captivate you the most.

Swim with Dolphins

If you have a strong desire to get up close and personal with dolphins, you can opt to swim with them at Kemer Dolphinarium. This extraordinary experience is sure to leave a lasting impression on you!

Please note that this program requires a separate purchase due to its special content. By signing up for it, you’ll enjoy the ultimate fun!

In a nutshell, treat yourself to a collection of unforgettable experiences and make your vacation in Kemer brim with excitement. Join us as we whisk you away to Kemer Dolphinarium, where the fun begins immediately!

For further information, feel free to contact us and inquire about the Kemer Dolphinarium program or any other excursions we offer in Kemer.


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