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Kemer Fire of Anatolia Show

The Kemer Fire of Anatolia Show brings you the finest dance troupe from Turkey, renowned worldwide for their mesmerizing performances. Fire of Anatolia, also known as Anadolu Ateşi, will leave you awe-inspired with their captivating storytelling, dynamic and meaningful movements, dazzling costumes, and vibrant ambiance.

Guinness World Record Holders

Fire of Anatolia has achieved two Guinness World Records:

  1. Fastest dance performance in the world, with 241 steps per minute.
  2. Largest number of spectators during a performance, with 400 thousand people.

Just knowing these facts gives you a glimpse of the extraordinary performance that awaits you.

An Unforgettable Evening

The troupe consists of 250 professional dancers, all dedicated to creating an awe-inspiring performance and making your night unforgettable. Through synchronized body movements and powerful expressions, they will tell a dynamic story that demands your full attention. Get ready to be enchanted as we depart from Kemer to witness this breathtaking show.

A Dance Show with an Enchanting Atmosphere

The dancers will grace the stage in vibrant costumes, adorned with accessories and captivating makeup. The stage itself will be adorned with special ornaments and lighting, creating a powerful visual impact.

During the performance, you will witness over 10 different dances, each telling a unique story of love, death, war, and truce. The repertoire includes two dazzling performances:

  • Troy: A dance interpretation of Homer’s renowned work, telling the story of the Trojan War.


  • Fire of Anatolia: A choreographic performance depicting the historical development of Anatolia. This captivating show features traditional dances such as the rhythmic “halay” dance, energetic oriental lezginka, and the mesmerizing display of dervish monks, among many others.

The Journey from the Beginning

Before booking our Kemer Fire of Anatolia Show program and immersing yourself in this spectacle, you might be interested in the story behind Fire of Anatolia. Here’s a glimpse into their journey:

The dancers of the Anadolu Ateşi ensemble achieve on stage what few dance groups can. The founder of the ensemble, Mustafa Erdogan, has become an exemplary professional artist. To form his own team, Mustafa Erdogan conducted an extensive casting process, attracting dancers of various skill levels. From this pool of talent, he selected the best and embarked on intensive training sessions. The dancers practiced tirelessly for 8-12 hours each day, perfecting every movement and ensuring the utmost precision in their choreography.

Their dedication and practice have resulted in the perfect dance show they deliver. To witness this remarkable performance firsthand, book our tour online and join us! For further information, feel free to contact us as well.


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